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What do you think about Watch Dogs 2? Anyone?
This game was recently released...sometimes towards the end of last year and I am really looking forward to picking it up after work tomorrow. 
I recently replied the original Watch Dogs game and enjoyed it as an open world game. Not quite on par with GTA in terms of replayability but still a well done game. 

Looking forward to this new one, brighter city hopefully even bigger and expanding on what you could do in the original.

I know a lot of people were disappointed with the original as it did not live up to some hype... I never got that. Game looked great and played well. Anyone else picking it up or have picked it up tomorrow?
I initially planned to purchase it soon to play it during Xmas holidays, but somehow, life happens.
Thanks for the reminder, I am getting it soon!
I began playing it a bit yesterday after purchase. They certainly did change some of the controls from the previous game, still a bit confused for some of it, like putting my gun away.
Also did not know how to run faster, though eventually figured that out. Maybe just takes some more getting used to, but seems more difficult to interact with things i.e. hack things, like it did in the previous game.
IMO game looks great, driving.... well that is not great, not sure but thinking I might prefer the driving mechanics of the previous game, but again still new.
Same here, not my kind of game but the more I play it the more I like it. The story line as well as the side missions can all be made in single player mode. Only if you decide to join a group, or to let your group open to joining, it will become a multiplayer. Otherwise you can combat & roam alone all the time.
Thanks everyone.
Well, one thing I have learnt on the few occasion of browsing through this forum is the amount of solid info you get. Knowledgable and passionate members willing to help others. Kudos everyone!
You are welcome. You can also share your experience after trying the game out.
(01-15-2017, 11:33 AM)DarkAngel Wrote: You are welcome. You can also share your experience after trying the game out.

You bet I will certainly do!

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