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Who Knows any good third person tactical shooter game for ps4?
I have Ps4 and I am very active with the console, I also decided to buy one more for my little nephew on his birthday. The chap is a super active type and loves the shooting game. 

I am thinking of getting a tactical third person shooter to base my game off of it, so here are the requirements:

-Must have a score atleast 80 on metacritic.
-Cannot be team based
-Have strategy based gameplay that makes you think about what you are doing (This could fuse well with the ARPG genre)

So, any suggestion?
Here are my top two suggestions:
[Image: x4SVe9t.jpg]
[Image: wj8EOoR.jpg]
As for me, I would go for some hideo kojima, but sniper elite and Metal gear V are both stealth based games. My game is not exactly going to be stealth based...
Hmm, yes I agree on Sniper Elite but I think MGS5 gives you several methods to face a quest, so the stealth approach is an option, probably the best one, but still an option. I'm not sure if you can get a game which is non-stealth and tactical at the same time, but I might be wrong.

The Division however, is a good shooting game but I don't know how much tactical it is, maybe not that much.
You need PSN+ to play it since it is an online game (even if you can play it in single mode).
Thas great!
Thanks y'all.
But I wouldn't really like games that require online support for the dude. Or maybe there are any ps3 third person tactical shooters perhaps if you cant think of any other ps4 tactical shooter?
Unfortunately, I am unable to suggest for you, another game which meets ALL your requirements, sorry. They're too many!
Ok thanks!
Will keep looking then!

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