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Help me fix contoller issues
Here it goes.
I have tried all the best permutations, options and fixes as offered on youtube, other forums etc, so I thought I would try here. You wonderful folks seem accommodating and helpful!

The real issue is that Controllers are not being recognized by the console. Safe mode works, but that is it. Re-set, power off, PS and Pair together, unplug wait plug in, full power down, rest mode, etc, etc. 

Nothing is working. 

Controllers worked fine for almost a year, then just stopped. Not charging issue, as both are not working and happened at same time. Because I resorted to default setting restore while in safe mode, completely out of luck due to system starts with requesting you attach your controller in order to pair with it. 

Now completely at a stand off. Any help, but please remember the system is now at the initial setting stage, so must first figure out a way for the console to recognize the controller. Can't be the usb cord because 1) it is Sony supplied with controller, 2) worked in safe mode. So must be Bluetooth issue, but how to fix? If interference, reset of controller would have solved, so not that and for both to go south at same time...

Console is less than a year old. Orange with 1T hard drive.

Thanks, really do not want to send this in to Sony. Cannot believe it, a amplifier running for 20 years every day and not one issue. I know there is a fix, but would have thought the smart ones at Sony would be able to design a interface in which a lay person can figure it out. 
Safe mode with no interface, really? 

Sorry just venting, any help would be appreciated.
You are the right place!

First, I would suggest you completely turn off your console then unplug the power cable from the wall.

Wait a minute, plug it back and turn the PS back on.

Make a test via main menu to see if your console really can notice your controllers and to check if your bluetooth is working:

Select Settings / Devices / Bluetooth Devices to search for nearby bluetooth devices. Paired devices will appear in the list.

[Image: SinavqR.jpg]

A - Device type
B - Active green, not active grey

It should work. If not, feed us back so we can try to find a different way.
Thanks for replying. As mentioned, the console opens with main set up. Ie. as if you just opened the box and turned it on. First window opens with "please connect your controller" - that is the problem, it is not recognizing the controller is connected and ready to go.
(01-15-2017, 09:15 PM)KillaSoldier Wrote: Thanks, really do not want to send this in to Sony.

I'm afraid you have to. Sorry I am not able to help you any further...
Ok mate...thanks for your help!
I think you have to do as suggested by High_Key.
Take it to Sony. The last resort!

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