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Is it worth it to buy PlayStation VR?
Hey house!
Its Lancelot here. 
And my question is, is it worth it to the PS least considering the price with the value?

Hey Lancelot, if you can afford it, I'd say why not?
As a gamer the experience is second to none.
Maybe you have not tried it before?
Then the answer is, find somewhere you can demo it.
You will be sold!
With this thread you can just have personal impressions and comments: will they influence your mind?

IMHO, my answer to your question is NO.
(01-15-2017, 09:36 PM)deathpirate Wrote: IMHO, my answer to your question is NO.
If I may ask, on what do you base this answer?
(01-15-2017, 09:37 PM)KillaSoldier Wrote: If I may ask, on what do you base this answer?

On price alone.
The Playstation VR headset is for about USD $400
About AUD $550 for AUS.
€399 in Europe
£349 in the UK

Well, I think the issue of price is subjective and relative.
Why cant Lancelot try the device out and then make up his mind based on his pocket...meanwhile, he can even get a used on eBay!
My two cents.
Have you actually tried it for yourself DeathPirate?
Two of my PSN friends have it and tell me for the price of what you get and experience its very good and they love it.
I have tried too.
The experince is second to none.
So, as dietoday suggested, you dont let the price scare you away..I would begin at eBay.
Life is a wheel, my dear
Instead of the VR I think I will make to myself (and to my PS): a bigger TV with 4K resolution (and maybe a couple of soft pillows for my old butt).

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