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Is Someone trying trying to hack my ps3?!
There are these guys who were talking crap about me and my friend on GTA 4. 

Suddenly I get this message and this says: system2a section 5665 action eliminate process activated 5531-8868-26b8-5ba2

I am seriously freaked out now because they said they were gonna track us and sent us our adresses...

Should I be worried?
Mantra, I would say, relax.
They're just messing with you, I'm sure. I probably talk more shit than you online, but I don't get " h4k4z " trying to hack me, do I?
Here is the latest message I received from them...system 2A 587-8987-9009 system error.. system 2A
They sent you a message.... Please tell me how messages hack your PS3, it's like saying when somebody says 'Hi' on Facebook can scan your computer for a virus!
Relax. They just sent you a message and you are crapping yourself. You are safe.
Holy Molly!
Do you mean that they sent you your own address?
Ok..again, they're just messing with you.
But you can go to Sony's website and report their asses if you're that scared.
Okay first of all we weren't talking shit.
We were just messing around.
Then they came and blow us up and say ''listen homie we hackin yall.
Then THEY said " We're gonna find you guys homie" and I guess they went on our account because they sent us our own adresses.
Forget them "homie" they can do you nothing.

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