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How do I change the AV/HDMI Input on PS3?
Does anyone know how to change the AV HDMI input? When I first got it, I hooked it up to a regular AV and it worked fine but than I switched to a HDTV and the input was not found so I kept the AV connected, connected the HDMI cable and went to switch it from AV to HDMI with both connected.

Is there a way to just have one connected and it automatically find the connection? Lets say if I disconnect it from my HDTV and connect it to a TV with AV?
Turn off your PS3. Now press and HOLD the 'On' button on the PS3 itself (not on the controller). It will beep and reset the connection type. I believe it will use HDMI if available, if not then it'll switch to AV.
Thanks so much!
You just saved me a TON of precious minutes!
I have had same problem switching between my samsung hdtv in my bedroom and my sony bravia in the living room. Ps3 was set to the samsung and the sony wouldn't pick it up.
This helped a bunch, thanks alot dude.
Thanks! I was about to change my TV thinking it was broken, why the hell Is there not a separate reset button? I spent over an hour trying to work this out then saw this.
(01-15-2017, 10:43 PM)dietoday Wrote: Thanks! I was about to change my TV thinking it was broken.
Well i'd change it before switching teles, even though i always play 720p.

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