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What are Your Best Memory Of PS1?
What could you call the best thing you remembered about playing your first PS1?
For me, it was the first disc based console I had and the first consoles to truly break out of 2D gaming.
And I loved it.
What about you?
My best memory of the PS1 was when i beat my first game, Rugrats Search For Reptar. It was so cool when I finally beat the game because the storyline was really fun for me.
My best memory playing the PS1 was without a doubt playing Tomb Raider 2. It wasn't just the game itself but more specifically, the Venice level. For whatever reason, as a young kid it blew my mind that I was driving a speedboat through Venice in what had been a platformed up until this point. Thinking back now, it was probably the beginning of games branching out into more diverse levels and not sticking to a single genre.
As for me, I remembered my amazement when seeing my friend play through Tomb Raider for the first time. My most prominent memories, however, was first learning to play Tekken on it and also playing 2 players with my buddies in a Counterstrike-esque battle in Syphon Filter. And lastly, playing DDR on a dance pad at home for the first time ever.
The best moment for me was actually the moment I laid my hands on the console itself. It was the first 3D game console I've ever bought so you can imagine the excitement I had. I remember the first game I played was Fighting Force with my brother. It was unforgettable because the game blew me away back then.
The first three Tomb Raider games, GTA series, Wipeout, and seeing what the icon was when saving the game on those memory cards.
My best memory was playing games without a memory card and trying to get as much gameplay I could in. I was so happy when I got my memory card.
I know it's kind of a cliche, but the best memory was probably when I played Final Fantasy 7. It was a huge game for the time. I would definitely say that it's not the best RPG or game on the system but it was definitely the most impressive when it came out. It also opened the doors for a lot of games that came after it.
The best thing that I remember about playing the PlayStation 1 is spending quality time with my friends and family. You can't really beat that. I definitely had some good times with the PlayStation 1.
The first game I played was Resident Evil. I think I was 10 years old and my step dad had it. This was right before we moved in to his place and really the first time I started gaming.

Great memories.

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