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What are your recommended players on FIFA 17
We all struggle sometimes to find a player that suits our peculiar needs.

On this thread, lets begin to recommend any player on the game, be it for use in Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

When recommending a player please use the following format:


Overall Rating:

Age: (Optional)

Nationality: (Optional)
Team he plays for:
Why I recommend him:

Please lets try not to the extremely well known players such as Messi or Ronaldo. This thread is for slightly lesser known players that other members may not have had experience with. 

Name: Alfred N'Diaye
Age: (Optional) 26
Position: CDM/CM/CB
Nationality: (Optional) Senegal
Team he plays for: Villarreal
Why I recommend him: Just a well rounded midfielder with 93 strength and very good defensive stats. Sort of a Yaya Toure type of player that runs very well with the ball and is very difficult to push off the ball. New signing at Villarreal from the start, so isn't available until next season.
I definitely agree with you on N'Diaye, got him in ultimate team and he's incredible.
Name: Ravel Morrison
Age: 23
Position: CAM
Nationality: English
Team he plays for: Lazio
Why I recommend him: Pretty awesome for the 950 coins I paid for him, those Med/Low workrates keep him behind the striker nicely for that link-up play and being English in Serie A will make him really useful for hybrids. Has been a beast for me so far.

Definitely doesn't deserve the 77 overall that he's got based on his lack of game time in real life though.
This is for lower league players

Name: Patrick Bauer
Age: 23
Position: CB
Nationality: Germany
Team he plays for: Charlton
Why I recommend him: Has 91 strength and has decent pace so he can easily out muscle anyone.
Name: Timm Klose
Age: (Optional) 28
Position: CB
Nationality: (Optional) Swiss
Team he plays for: Norwich
Why I recommend him: Not your usual recommendation but he's a really solid defender. Good in the air but also with the ball on the deck, bit of pace about him and shouldn't cost a massive amount. Also like the left footed aspect, balance to the team.
Name: Daniel Johnson
Age: 23
Position: CM, CAM
Nationality: Jamaican
Team he plays for: Preston North End
Why I recommend him: A very good and reasonably priced Championship player (about 2 million). Fast and strong, useful in attacking and defensive side of midfield.
Name: Jordan Larsson
Overall Rating: 64
Age: 19
Position: ST
Nationality: Swedish
Team he plays for: Helsingborgs IF(Swedish Allsvenskan)
Why I recommend him: Good potential(77) and he's the son of legendary Celtic,Barcelona and Manchester United man Henrik Henke Larsson.
I have been scouting Bauer for Strasbourg and thinking he'll fit in just nicely hoping for a succesful bid in this January transfer window.

I like the sound of having a legends son in my team another i'm gonna look into. Hopefully a possible sign now if not and I get promoted to Ligue 1 I'll try again.

Some good looking ones here so far thanks for finding them for me to hopefully poach.

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