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Is the Second Screen gaming accessory useless or cool?
Is this accessory cool or useless? I will appreciate your feedback.
[Image: PvC6BzH.jpg]
I remembered when I used to run that application on a notebook PC while I was playing Unity. It was cool and useful.
Thanks for the feedback!
But do you think having the screen attached to your arm would have improved the experience?
In my opinion, I think it's cool in theory. But I feel like having a smart phone strapped to your wrist will get pretty annoying after a while, with the shifting weight and the odd weight on your wrist.
I agree.

However, the application itself is cool though. You can follow Arno on the map without using the game map all the time and you can send assassins to perform some missions and earn game coins & experience. If you mark a point on the app map you will find it also in the game and this is a cool time saver.

Try it, easy.

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