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Final Fantasy VII: How do I exit the North Crater?
I know this is going to sound retarded, but i just picked up 7 again for the first time in like 5 years, (i was bored after i completed 12...)

After around 70 hours, i'm almost done maxing out all the material and what not, but there is one thing that is bugging me.

All the material in the crater- anytime i go in to get it, I can't get out? point of no return.

If someone could give me a brief guide on how to exit the crater after getting counter, shield, and mega-all it would be greatly appreciated! :-)
Simply put, you jusT go back the way you came in. You first leave at the area where you get the Mega-All. Afterwards, its pretty straight-forward.
There should be some caves that leads you back up to certain platforms (that you cannot reach from the outside).
On the screen where you have to keep jumping down the ledges, there are also some caves. One of the caves leads to a serrires of underground tunnels, and one of them is an exit back to the cave area just below where everyone jumps down the slidy gravel into the North Crator.

That's how you exit.
Follow the path back to the fork in the road (where the party split up), then climb the ladder towards the top of the screen (if you have the "cursor" icon turned on - by pressing the select button - then the ladder will be pointed out by a green arrow).

Continue up the path back to the Highwind.
Thanks all...takes awhile to take-it all in.
As soon as you get down (after it forces you to skip down the slope) and you're just starting out in the crater, the cave you pass by is the cave that leads back up.

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