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Have you ever owned a PSP? Can you remember what happened to it?
I got mine immediately it was released with vice city stories and I still own it to this day. Some really great games came out on the PSP and the multiplayer was always the strongest side for me. Nowadays I had it chipped by a friend and I only really use it for emulators. What about you?
Wow...good memories keep rushing back!
Mine got lost, but it was beat up by the time that it was lost, so I wasn't too sad about it. I'd love to be able to buy another one brand new if it were still available, to be honest.
I loved tinkering around with the PSP and installing add ons on it.
My only real problem with it was that it had a crappy browser that can't even play Youtube videos.
What a redundant question..LOL!
Its of course a compulsory right of passage for evry gamer who worth his salt.
If you dont have it...sorry, you've never lived!
Hey Seth!
Its not actually a rite of passage.
What would you say about SEGA, Gameboy, etc?
So, no, I never did own a PSP, and am a gamer...full blood!
You guys should just stop!
I have lived!!!
It is on my dresser next to my Vita, my GBA, my Gameboy Pocket, my Gameboy Color, my DS, and my 3DS. Hmm... yeah I have a slight problem. I'm not going to work on it, but I will admit I have a slight problem. That said if I open the first drawer of my dresser I should find it filled with games. I wonder how much I could make if I sold all of them at once?
I never had one. I don't like handheld consoles at all, I don't even want to think about that I played with the old Game Boy when I was a kid.

But I won't deny that there surely are some great games and game concepts for the PSP.

There just is no console without groundbreaking games and something new being added to the game community.

So maybe I should say that I don't like playing handheld consoles but what I do like is them participating in evolving the video game culture.
Yeah I ha silver PSP, I think it was the 2001 edition. It was definitely a fun handheld gaming experience as many of my favorite games were on the system. For example, I spent countless hours playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Dissdia Final Fantasy 1 and 2. I eventually had to sell it on Craigslist because at the time, I really needed the money. I do miss it sometimes though.

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