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How do I know if the controller is fully charged?
I cant simply seem to figure out how to know if the controller is fully charged. I know that my PS3 controller has a blinking light that indicates charging but PS4 doesn't.
Also, how long does it take to fully charge it because sometimes I leave the PS4 on standby just for charging?
You can just press and hold the XMB button to see the level of charge.
It will tell you if it's 100%.
Also, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge, I believe that's without using it during charge.
Actually I know I can do that with the XMB but I was hoping that there'd be a way to tell by not using that. Like when I'm charging in standby I would like to know when to turn off the console. Or the console's going to itself off after it's done charging?
I believe you can set the console to turn off at a certain time. As far as I know there's no real way to tell but they should do that!
Agree,its not as good as on PS3.
At least the leds would stop blinking when its fully charged.

Its many little things like this that all need to be changed/fixed/added etc.
Yeah thats true!
They have that big light on the controller, why didn't they make use of that to indicate charging?
I also want to charge it when I'm not using it and I don't want to go to the console back and forth to check every now and then.
That's why I love my Energizer PS3 charger. Hoping the PS4 charger will do the same. It's so idiot (Jen aka ME) proof. Red is charging and green is fully charged.
Ok people...see what I found!

Well, I finally got around this problem by using a charging station. Got the official Sony one (though they didn't make it). The best 30 bucks I've ever spent, considering how fast these controllers die. When I put it in, it blinks the light bar yellow. When it's done, it shuts off.

It's a shame the fact that the light bar changes colors but it doesn't tell you the battery level when it's plugged in. Just make it yellow for charging and green or blue for fully charged. Come on Sony.
So many little things that they over looked!

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