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List the worst PS1 games you've played!
Ok, here is something cool.
Lets go a step into the memory lane and try to remember some awful games ever produced on Sony platform, especially PS1.
How awful?
Mine were Barbie and Twisted Metal 3.
Both gave me motion sickness everytime I touch them.

Can you start listing the worst in your own opinion and from experience?
I'd have to agree with you and say that Twisted metal 3 was a really...really terrible game, I probably played it for 25minutes and never picked it up again.
IMO I think that Bubsy 3D takes the prize! What made it worse is that i kinda liked the game from the Genesis days, and then they port it to 3D and... this comes out!
Dear Lord! Please don't remind me of that game haha. I love the series, but Twisted Metal 3 was just plain horrible. You already stated all the reasons on why I freaking disliked the game. I hated the fact that I had to stop playing every 10 minutes because my head started to hurt.
I think it was called Tonnenstein or something, can't really remember it. I think it was like a Warner Brothers cartoon game about a mansion or something? Me and my friends would always jokingly attempt to play it to see who would be the first person to show any sort of negative reaction. On those days, we didn't have much to do.
For me it was Broken Helix. At the time it was supposed to be revolutionary for allowing you to finish the game a total of 4 different ways. But I absolutely hated it, another series I hated were the Army Men games, good idea for a game but wasn't fun at all. I think I hated the DDR games the most, but that wasn't due to the game, that was due to me having the cheap floor mat that slid everywhere when you tried to step on it.

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