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Any old (but less known) playstation game that you remember fondly?
I feel like sometimes some of my favorite games that I played as a kid weren't always the top sellers. I mean of course the top sellers were fun too, but I really like the more obscure games as well. I cannot remember the name of the game for the life of me, but there was one Playstation 1 game in particular which always gave me a good laugh. It was a racing game, but it was in this odd blocky style with a japanese-retro feel to it, that always ended in laughs/crushed spirits after a loss.

What about you? Anything comes to memory?
There was this one game called Neo Planet. It was in Japanese so I couldn't understand the game much, but all I know is I get to choose a planet, it's empty, nothing but land. And I am like a god that can put trees and what not on it. And animals automatically appear. The game didn't seem to have an english version and somehow it didn't get popular. I have yet to meet someone who knows this game. When you google it all you will get is a picture of the CD cover. Nothing else. It was that unknown despite the unique gameplay. Now you will have games like Black & White or Reus and they get known easily.
Hey Wale, I think I remember that one!
You have to run away from the animals or you lose your life!
I used to think I and my brothers were the only ones that played that game!
I've always preferred the less popular titles because the famous ones are often too complicated for me and probably a lot more geared towards more serious gamers.

It's probably why I like fighting games so much, because the buttons are relatively similar with every title and any button you press will eventually prove to be a punch or a kick anyway.

That said, one of the less talked about fighting games I've recently remembered is Def Jam: Fight For NY. This game is so unique and far less novelty-driven than what I expected it to be, the first time I heard about it and started playing it as well.
I don't know if this could be considered a less talked about game but when I was still new to the PS 1, I loved to play Armored Core. It was a game where the player could control mech robots. It was pretty cool back in the day as I could fly around the arena, shoot some lasers and missiles and the like. I absolutely loved the split screen two player mode. It was so much fun to do battle with a friend.
There was this one game, Sonic Heroes, that really brings back some good memories when I was younger. It was a twist on the typical Sonic game where you're in a team of three instead of soloing it or co-oping with Tails. The storyline was very typical for the series though, which quickly changed when I found the secret arc after beating everyone's campaign.

It perfectly blended the classic speed of the sonic games while slowing it down at certain parts so you can really enjoy defeating the enemies and destroying things and whatnot. All in all, it was a pretty long and well-made game and I loved playing the mini-games with friends. There were some puzzle elements to it as well that really freshened the franchise up.

I wish it were more popular, maybe Sega might have made a sequel.
I loved the Army Men games for the PS1. They were some of my most-played games back in the day, and they bring back a lot of good memories. I remember playing capture the flag with my brother, then having him grab my flag and start running back to his base. I was totally accepting my fate until his army man suddenly exploded and dropped my flag. Then I remembered about the mines I had laid out earlier in the game and laughed my head off. Good times, for sure.
Ahh, yes, Army Men. This is one of the first games that I have played on the PS1. It always brought a smile to my face whenever I was able to melt enemy soldiers with my flame thrower. Yep, I enjoyed the two player battles but me and my opponent usually resorted to "peeking" tactics because it was split-screen. Also, I had to use a lot of cheats in order to finish the game. I used an invincibility cheat and a weapons cheat.
ATV 3 or 4 my brother and I played this game for hours. Sonic Heroes is also another game its gameplay was very unique i have to pick that game up again sometime.
For me it would have to be ATV: Offroad Fury 2. It was my first game for the PS2, as it came with the system when I got it for Christmas. I remember pretty much staying up several nights just playing the multiplayer with my friends. The one mode I enjoyed the most was free ride, a it allowed you to pick a stage and just run wild. That's also one game I wouldn't mind being remade in HD.

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