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Is PSN accessible after injecting games into PS3?
I cannot access my PSN after I injected games into the ps3. Now is this normal or I am doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.
If you injecting on a 4.70 ofw then I believe no.
You need the latest ofw 4.81 to do that.
Yes! I am running on the latest 4.81, do you think I can access my psn after injecting games on it
Yes you can connect to PSN till you get banned.
Are you injecting games via backup injecter ?
I thought it was patched on 4.81 OFW !
Nope are never 100% safe when breaking the TOS you agreed to when signing up for PSN.
Yes I agree with everyone, you can get banned.
No one know when that will happen though, but when it does happen and your psn account do gets banned , you will lose that account forever, no way getting it back.
It was a stupid idea anyways.
Thanks for the updates!

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