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Overheating PS3 PSU
So PSU's on the fats tend to get reaaaaallllllllllyyyy hot as they get older most likely due to deterioration of the components inside maybe a transformer or a cap? 
I was wondering if anyone knew what components commonly go that make these psu's get so hot like you cant even touch them hot. 
A good psu will get warm but it wont burn your hand lol. 
I mean on ebay I always see reworked PSU's so there must be some low quality caps or something in there which as they wear start to get hotter and hotter contributing to YLOD. I suppose slapping a fan in there would be a decent band aid but id like to go to the root of the problem and put some really good quality components in there as this is my personal CECHA01. 
Searched the forums and google but there was only millions of YLOD links and ps3 slim psu swaps.

Any help is appreciated!
I would say that PS3 PSU is very complicated and I would touch it unless it stops operating.
About what gets hot, in a PSU the components that usually generate heat are called Transistors.
Thanks man...but Im not too worried about its complexity cos i've done many extremely hard and complex repairs before.
Maybe the transistors start to degrade but usually transistors last for a VERY long time. I was thinking current might be getting through causing components to heat up. I guess ill have to throw the multimeter all over it.
I know for certain that the psu from my ceche01 gets very hot too.
In my opinion too hot, but the console died again so end of story here....
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