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Why cant we have good Wheels on the PS4?
With all the amazing car games out there...

The Crew
Project CARS
Grand Tourismo

How come no logitech new wheel..... or any other good manufacturer, am I the one who is yet to find any, or do you know where I can get a decent wheel for the PS4?
The console is still fairly new, and there hasn't been a lot of reason for a good wheel yet. I'm sure it can't be too terribly far off.
Also can't at least some PS3 wheels work? I know a lot of them just connect through either USB or Bluetooth anyways.....
Some PS3 steering wheels will be supported. Thrustmasters T500, is supported by driveclub and will be the same for project cars. I've also seen people using fanatec wheels with their PS4 however, I don't know how they have achieved that. For me the best wheel for PS4 is the T300RS, it doesn't have a clutch but if you eventually wanted a pedal set with a clutch you can purchased T3PA pedals and a shifter which will make it even more awesome. Also I think the G27 was Logitech's last wheel and no other will be made which is a shame.
Goods points above.

1. The console is still new
2. Not very many racing games

These two things would mean a low demand for the wheels. The more popular racing games we get, the better chance Logitech will invest in a good ps4 compatible design

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