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Can I replace DS4 battery with my old DS3?
There are plenty listing on ebay anyway.
But yeah,curious to see if they actually last longer or not so please let us know your thoughts when have tested them enough.
(01-21-2017, 05:39 AM)Black_Knight Wrote: Okay, an update on my last post.

So the battery that I bought of eBay arrived this morning and I already put it into the DS4. Man, opening up the controller was a pain, aside from the 4 screws the cover is clipped together. I had to use a bit of brute force to pry it open. First things first, the battery works used it for a while with no issue so far. Haven't tried charging yet because the battery came fully charged for some reason.

Now as to how long the battery will last with each charge? I don't know yet so I'll keep you guys posted once I got more game time with this new battery.

Do you have a link or eBay item number for the battery you got? 
Just want to compare to the ones I've got on the way. 
Thanks man.

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