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Lets discuss the evolution of Playstation, from PS1 to PS4
I found this video:
And I began to wonder on how quickly the technology has evolved over the years, and with every generation we always thought that it was the best and nothing could top it, yet every time it got better and better.
Amazing...isnt it?
Personally, I really do miss the cheesy graphics of the PlayStation 1. It is my childhood and I'm proud of it.
(01-21-2017, 06:05 AM)Black_Knight Wrote: Personally, I really do miss the cheesy graphics of the PlayStation 1. It is my childhood and I'm proud of it.

I believe those cheesy graphics gave the PSX and PS2 a lot of personality that I didn't pick up from PS3 or PS4. Plus the PSX had Sega Attitude coming in. While it was the baby of consoles at the time, it still had that "cooler kid in 4th grade who has an X in their name and still rocked his Los Angeles Raiders bomber, light up British Knights, and rat tail into 1996" vibe going. 

Basically PSX was the nWo of the 5th generation. It came in and said "We're taking over!" and it did.
Those PS1 graphics always bring a bit of nostalgia back for me. PS1 was one of my first consoles. It's what got me hooked on my favorite hobby. To see how far the Playstation has come in such a short time is nothing short of astounding.
One thing to remember though is that the graphics really don't matter if the game itself sucks. I would prefer a game with decent graphics and a good storyline any day.
Technology has improved at lightening speed in a very short time and the Play Station is no exception. What I thought were the greatest graphics ever with PS1 seems almost prehistoric now with PS4.
I wont lie the more that the years go by and the more that technology advances is the more I see how these video game companies are able to make video games look more and more real as the years go by. The main reason why I bought PS4 instead of Xbox was because honestly the more that I look at the capabilities of the PS4 the more that I see that the console is exactly what I have been looking for in a video game console.
The difference is incredible, We've come a long way and I can only imagine whats going to be possible in the next few years on the PS4 and PC.
Honestly, I don't see much difference between PS3 and PS4 graphics. Obviously it exists but it's not as big a gap as PS1 vs PS2 or PS2 vs PS3.
My first console was the. " golden China". Then a swag then a PlayStation. I'll
Never forget those days. I use to love it.

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