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Should I sell or keep my PS3?
With the PS4 now coming well into the range of affordable for many of us. What will you do with your PS3. Will you sell it to re-coup some of the expenditure for the new console, or will you keep the PS3 for nostalgic purposes. 

With the PS4 not being backward compatible with PS3 games, it may well be worth keeping if you want to play what will surely become classics of the future.

I myself cannot decide to save my life, that's why I'm hoping your point of view can help me sway one way or the other.

Keep it. Seriously dude. You can play old games with PS Now on PS4 (eventually, lol) but you will have to pay for them again or rent them from PSN and you will lose your old saves. It seems idiotic to me to pay for a game twice. Its not like the old days when you can just put the memory card into another console.

Another reason is you never know when you'll feel like playing an old game. I'm 27 years old and still bust out my Genesis from time to time to play old games (NES if mine worked, lol).

But I still semi regularly play my favorite games on my PS2 and sometimes PSX and I don't see that changing for PS3. Also, most importantly, they are still going to be releasing PS3 games for a while. Borderlands the Prequel Sequel is going to be on PS3 and Xbox360, not next gen consoles.

And that is going to be a hell of a game and there are still a lot of games that are unreleased right now. Besides, if you did sell your PS3 with the games, how much is Gamestop really going to give you.

Even with my PS3 and the 30+ library of games I have, I'd be surprised if they gave me 150 bucks. Save money and put it away if you are afraid of off setting the cost.
I'll keep my PS3.
PS+ is still amazing for PS3 games and the price of PS3 games will start to go down as this generation takes over.
Keeping mine too,not only does PS+ cover PS4,PS3 and Vita but mostly I also wanna keep it cause all my Rock Band and Guitar Hero stuff is all on there.Its always fun breaking it out,cranking up the sound and having some fun with a few people.
I use the Logitech guitar,way better than those cheaper plastic ones.
No reason to sell with Persona 5 and because PS4 has no backwards compatibility.
Never sell a console, I learned this the hard way in the past. It's best just to keep it because, once this gen gets going and last gen stops the games get INSANELY cheap and you can pick up 3 or 4 games at a time for the price of one current gen title and besides WHY would you even sell a game console.. It's just not a good idea to me..
I'd definitely keep the PS3. It's a decent console and I suspect you'll be able to pick up some very highly rated PS3 games much more cheaply in the not too distant future. It's a bit of a 'no brainer' to keep it, really...

I still have my PS2 although I admit that it's not seen the light of day for several years now, yet alone been plugged in...!
Gamers...keeping it real.
I love you guys!!!
Keep, keep a hundred times keep. I've never regretted hanging on to an old console and games, and often blame my foolish youth for those I eagerly sold to get my greedy mitts on the new and exciting next gen hardware.

Also, now's the perfect time to pick up games you missed on the cheap. There's a lot of life left in PS3, and the graphics are barely even outdated.
As long as the PS4 isn't backwards compatible, I feel like it's fine to keep your PS3. I bet eventually a good amount of the PS3 games worth playing will be on the PS4 in some capacity, both why re-buy games you can already play no problem?

If the PS4 becomes backwards compatible, maybe this conversation would be different!

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